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http://nextlifechapter.comAdelaide’s language is developing so quickly. She’s constantly saying words and phrases that surprise me. She’s even speaking in complete sentences. This is likely perfectly normal for someone who is almost 28 months, but she’s my first child and it’s still fun and exciting for me to see how quickly she learns and picks up things. Her dad and I are going to have to start being very careful what we say around her.

Adelaide was sick a few weekends ago. She had a fever and we gave her medicine. Now, she ofen tells us that her baby is hot–that she’s sick and needs medicine or needs to go to the doctor. She also is starting to get into make-believe scenarios. She puts her baby in time out. When you ask her why the baby had to go to time out, she says, “hit my,” meaning, “hit me.”

Adelaide also likes to play grocery store. She wants us to give her money and then she gives us invisible foods. It’s actually more like a restaurant counter. She gives us pizza or peas. “Hot, Mommy,” she warns me, “blow it.”

Today, Adelaide was playing with her Grover doll and she told Tim that Grover was sad.

“Why is he sad?” Tim asked.

“He no have eyebrows,” she explained.

Yep. I guess that would make me sad, too.

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