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Today is the six-year anniversary of the day Tim proposed. He probably doesn’t even remember the exact date. In fact, he’s probably upstairs right now annoyed that I haven’t yet come up to bed – that I spend too much time on devices and the Internet. Little does he know that I’m writing about an important date in our relationship history and digging through my email archive to find original emails where I gush about the news to my family and friends.  Here’s one I found:

Hi guys,

It’s been a while.  How is everyone?  I just wanted to let you know that Tim and I got engaged!  At the beginning of June, Tim and I made a quick trip to Providence and Boston for a long weekend.  On the last day of our trip, in Boston Public Gardens, Tim proposed!  And I said yes!  Tim and I have been dating for what will be 4 years in September, he’s my best friend and I knew he was the one I wanted to marry.  I guess I thought we would probably get engaged in the next year or so, and I can’t say I wasn’t aware of the fact that our Boston weekend would have been a perfect time.  Still, I really didn’t think it was going to happen right now, and I was genuinely surprised.  We’re thinking a Summer ’08 wedding here in Philly.  I just wanted to share my happy news.

Hope all is well with you.


After he proposed, I asked a couple walking by if they would take our photo.

the bench couple

I took this image to capture the view from the bench.

the bench view

We sat there for a while enjoying the view of the city where we met. We talked about our future together. Then, as we walked away, I snapped this photo of “our bench.”

the bench

We walked up to Faneuil Hall, sat at the outdoor bar at The Salty Dog (the restaurant where I worked three summers earlier) and toasted ourselves with a celebratory beer.

On the drive home to Philadelphia, we stopped back in Providence at the restaurant where I had worked there. We told the news to several friends who were working and our friend Evan, the bartender, surprised us with complimentary glasses of champaign. Then, we made the drive home and took turns driving and calling our parents and siblings and friends. It was a Tuesday night, so it was knitting night and I knew all my Philly girlfriends would be in one place. I called my friend Amy and she put me on speaker phone. That was the fastest roadtrip. The time in the car just flew by.

And here we are, six years, one marriage and one 22-month-old daughter later. I’d say “yes” all over again, and I do every day.

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Boston Strong  |

The hat is a little small – but she thought it was so funny to wear it.

Although she doesn’t yet know it, our daughter is middle named “Fen” for the Back Bay fens of Boston. Although it’s the same fens for which Fenway Park was named, we chose “Fen” instead of “Fenway” because we wanted her to be named for the city and not just a baseball team or ballpark.

Tim and I sometimes joke that we see Boston with rose-colored glasses. It was just so good to us. Boston is the city where we met, where we shared our first kiss, where we fell in love. It is also where nearly four years later, while visiting from Philly over a long weekend, we were engaged. The city of Boston will always have a special place in our hearts.

Although I didn’t know anyone injured in last week’s marathon bombings, I felt touched by the events in a way I may not have if they had occurred in another city. I went to graduate school just six or seven blocks from where the bombings went off. We still have several friends in the Boston area. And in fact, one couple lives in Watertown and they were giving us play-by-play updates on Facebook during the tense day on Friday. Their home was searched by a SWAT team and a lot of the “action” was happening right outside their door. I had a pit in my stomach all day, and had a hard time getting work done. I kept flipping back to the internet between projects to see if there had been some kind of update, some kind of resolution.

I just wanted to go home, un-plug myself from the world and go to sleep. I wanted to put my daughter in a big bubble and protect her from all the bad in the world. Although I don’t want to live in fear, to let the few change the way I live my life, this week I had second thoughts. I wanted to stay inside and never go out in public again.

Friday night after baking pizza, Tim wanted to watch our NetFlix movie. The disk had been sitting untouched for a while — we haven’t been getting our money’s worth this month. This was shortly after watching the evening news where it was announced to Bostonians that they could once again leave their homes, shortly after the gunfire and the boat incident. So, to escape the movie-like drama unfolding on television, Tim tried to make me watch Zero Dark Thirty. I couldn’t take it.

We stopped the movie and instead watched the news coverage and the apprehension of the second bombing suspect. I was surprised and relieved they were able to capture him alive.

Saturday, Tim was working all day so Adelaide and I had a girls day out.  We drove to Tim and my old stopping grounds in West Philly. We stopped by the farmer’s market and went to Go WEST! Craft Fest, a craft fair in the corner of the Woodlands Cemetery. It was breezy and a bit chilly, but  it felt good to absorb the sunshine and breathe in the blossoming spring. Adelaide and I shared a cup of Weckerly’s carrot cake ice cream and although it wasn’t necessarily my intention, we got there in time to experience an interactive music performance by Jay from All Around This World. Adelaide enjoyed watching the other kids as much as Jay himself, but she had fun with the musical instruments too. It was such a big departure from the stresses of the week. It’s exactly the type of crowd I needed.


I just love this photo — notice the ice cream moustache.


The circus acrobatics were revving up just as we were leaving. It was an exciting day in the cemetery.

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