Welcome! I’m Beth, a 30-something arts education administrator, memoir teacher, writer, wife and doggie mom. I’m a small-town Midwestern girl transplanted to the urban life of Philadelphia. I’ve lived on both coasts (Portland, Oregon and Boston/Providence), but am happily settled in the City of Brotherly Love…at least for now.

I met my husband in 2003, and we were married in 2008. We expanded our family by adding a daughter on July 28, 2011. Since then I’ve become an advocate of normalizing breastfeeding and believe moms need more breastfeeding support. I believe strongly in paid maternity leave, and as a mom who works outside the home full time, I’m searching for balance.

This next life chapter is a mad new adventure, and I’m doing a little writing along the way.

UPDATE!: We are now expecting baby #2 in late December/early January, 2015. The next chapter is about to begin!


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