When the POD arrived and we saw how small 16′ actually was, we thought there was no way all our stuff would fit. But it did.

Life has been really crazy the last few weeks–returning from maternity leave, packing up all our physical belongings, saying good-bye to good friends and a city we’ve called home for nearly nine years, moving to a new city and state, starting a new job, looking for a place to live, living with my in-laws, supporting my husband in his job search, balancing my personal stress through all the change while still showing an “excited” exterior to my daughter. It’s been a lot.

We will be moving into our own apartment this weekend, and while I’m looking forward to having our own place and finally being able to feel settled and at home, I’m definitely going to miss the convenience of having two extra adults around to help with the girls. (I’m still not sure how we’re going to handle the new morning routine with drop-offs now that Adelaide has started preschool.) My in-laws have been great roommates–not only do they clean after themselves, they clean after us too. Plus, they cook for us and often take us out to eat. We’re really appreciative of their generosity.

No one said packing up our family of four and moving 1,000 miles away would be easy. And there’s good reason for that–it’s so hard! I guess I knew the move would be hardest on me. The girls are young and resilient, and Tim is moving home. He hasn’t lived here for 12 years, but it’s still home to him, familiar for better or worse. I had a lot to lose by leaving Philly–a good job, a fantastic group of friends, a community I valued. I found “my people” in Philly. I’m sure I’ll find that here too, but it will take time.

I hope to pick up this blog again once we get settled and I get a new laptop. I didn’t realize how much having ready access to a laptop directly correlated with the ease of my blogging life. I have a lot to say about life as a mom of two. I hope to share it here soon.

Next life chapter, indeed.

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  1. Paige Wolf’s avatar

    Best of luck! Will miss you in Philly!


  2. Carrie MkgLemonade’s avatar

    This really resonates with me because we’re contemplating a big move in the next year or two, so I’m eagerly following allow to see how you handle this! Best wishes in your new home!


  3. Julia’s avatar

    We moved 2 years ago and lived with my parents while we were waiting for our new home, my son was 18 months old, it was rough. Good luck!


  4. Melissa’s avatar

    Good luck on your move. I hope the adjustment is smooth for you and your family.



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