One-month survival

Rock 'n Play for newborn sleep  |

Resting peacefully in her new Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play.

The babe is one month old today. I appreciate your patience in my lack of blogging as I enjoy my maternity leave and this special once-in-a-lifetime period with my family.

The last four weeks have flown by, as expected. We enjoyed visits from our parents–Tim’s parents drove up from Florida and later my mom flew out from Illinois.  It was nice to have the extra hands and especially helpful to have sources of entertainment for Adelaide. Now we are on our own, trying to figure out our new normal.

Tim is convinced that June is more “fussy” than Adelaide was as a baby. I think he might have selective memory. Sure, Adelaide was a pretty chill baby, and June really likes to be held (plus, June seems to inhale a lot of air when she nurses and it makes her very gassy). Still, I don’t remember Adelaide being especially “chill” during the first four weeks. That time is mostly a blur, but my memories of Adelaide being a laid back baby were from when she was a bit older.

There was recently a thread on the Longest Shortest Time Mama’s Facebook page asking people to name their most useful baby item and least useful one. Over and over the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper came up as the “can’t live without” baby accessory recommended by moms. I had heard good things about the Rock ‘n Play, but we didn’t have one for Adelaide. After a particularly bad sleep night this week, I decided we would give it a try.

The Rock ‘n Play is positioned on an incline to help babies with reflux and gas, and I thought it might help a baby who constantly wants to be held. I was apprehensive to have her use it for night sleep because I didn’t want to create a bad habit. Plus, June had a surprisingly good night on Wednesday and slept 4.5 hours flat on her back in her bassinet (fluke? maybe).

The Rock ‘n Play arrived yesterday and so far, so good. We didn’t use it overnight, but June seems to like it for naps. We’ll see if that continues. I did appreciate a little hands-free time today–I did the dishes,  a load of laundry, and was able to write this update.


So, what was your most useful baby item? What could you totally have done without?


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  1. Brooke’s avatar

    I agree with the Rock N’ Play! I read a blog review once that said it’s like “crack for babies” haha! Jack and Rex both used it for night and naps until they grew out of it around 4 months. The transition to the crib took a few days, but both boys learned to love the crib. Other then that I say swaddle sacks (like Halo or Summer) and Ergo baby are must haves! I swaddled Rex until he was 5 months and it prevented him from waking himself up and led to longer naps. I carried both my boys in the Ergo everywhere (around the house mostly) for the first few fussy months when they don’t want to be put down. Now Rex is too big for the all day carry around and I sort of miss it!


  2. Stephanie’s avatar

    My middle child had terrible reflux and pretty much lived in his Rock n Play for the first several months of his life. Definitely was a life savers! I’d also say that baby wearing (in a variety of different designs and brands) were key to us going about a normal life when we had our 3rd baby in 4 years. I just didn’t have enough hands!


  3. miranda @lemonsandlaughs’s avatar

    My ring sling. I was able to get everything done I needed to do hands free, while the baby was still carried as he demanded.


    1. nextlifechapter’s avatar

      Miranda, I don’t have a ring sling. Is there a specific one you like?



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