Toddler Halloween Costumes

Although I had good intentions of posting every day this month, alas, it’s already a week later and I’m off schedule. I blame the fact that my in-laws are visiting so we’ve had exciting things to do.

Adelaide is growing up so fast and I was again reminded of this as I looked through Halloween photos from the last few years. Adelaide is only three, but she’s had four Halloweens already. The last three have been spent in part with her little girlfriend, Evan.

This is the first year Adelaide’s had an opinion about what she wanted to be for Halloween. I knew this day was coming. The first year she was only three months, so we dressed her as a banana. Our dog Hugo was also a banana. So, the following year, in order to dress Hugo as a banana again and have “matching” costumes, we dressed Adelaide as a monkey. Last year she was a little owl.

This year, Adelaide wanted to be a “princess fairy.” Then, it was “Elsa.” We put the kabosh on the Elsa pretty quickly–I’m just not ready! When I saw this cute Tinker Bell costume at the fall CityKids consignment sale for $7, I knew Tink was the winner. Adelaide didn’t really know who Tinker Bell was when I bought it, but it fit within her “princess and fairy” request. We introduced her to Tinker Bell, and she got excited about the costume quite quickly. Adelaide is still asking for an Elsa dress, but we’ve decided to ask for it for Christmas.

How old were your children when they wanted to choose their own Halloween costume? Did you ever try to talk them out of one of their ideas?

Halloween 2012, age 1

Halloween 2013, age 2

Halloween 2014. age 3

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