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I’ve been thinking about signing Adelaide up for some kind of dance class. Ever since we took her to see “Sesame Street Live” in March and then her school went to a performance of “Pinkalicious, the Musical” at the Walnut Street Theater in April, she’s been really into doing “shows.” She claps her hands and announces, “Okay, I’m gonna do a show.” Then she’ll proceed to sing a song that she makes up as she goes, common themes are Cinderella, Super Man, Leaves, Rocketships, Shrek, Music, “I love you,” and the occasional “I don’t love you.” She’s a budding songwriter at age two and a half and must take after her Aunt Gina with her improv skills. While she’s singing, she often dances, twirls and puts on a real number. (I’d really love to get this on video, but she stops/tones it down when I point the camera at her.)

I’m not exactly sure what’s the best age to start dance classes. I don’t want my kid to be over-scheduled before she even hits her third birthday. But, she turns three at the end of July and three seems like a reasonable age to start an organized activity. Then, this week I had the opportunity to check out Philly InMovement as part of a blogger event. I had heard of the space in Philadelphia’s Queen Village neighborhood, and it was great to check it out for myself. While the space is known mostly for gymnastics classes, they also have parkour, summer camp and summer open gym hours.  |  Philly InMovement

Adelaide was mesmerized watching the “big kids” show off their team skills.

On the way there, Adelaide asked if we were going to the playground. I said no, but that it was kind of like an indoor playground. When she saw the space she was so excited and couldn’t wait to take off her shoes.  |  Philly InMovement

I think her favorite part was the trampoline.  |  Philly InMovement

She also liked the low beam (with a little help from Mom and Dad).

We’re having Adelaide’s birthday at the sprayground again this year, but this would definitely be another option–especially for a winter birthday when outdoor parties aren’t an option. They have a room in the back with tables that would be perfect for pizza and cake. You can even check the birthday party availability right from their website.

Right now there is a $25 Groupon available for those interested in 4 adult gym classes or 5 sessions of children’s open gym (10 months-5 years or K-6th grade). It’s a $50 value, and is available for a limited time.

How old were your children when they started an organized dance/movement, sports, music or some other type of class or lesson?

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  1. Helen’s avatar

    Thanks! This is right around the corner from us, and we’ve been to a birthday party there that was a blast. Plus, we have been doing “tumbling” at home, so they might be ready for some instruction beyond “don’t balance on your head or you’ll hurt your neck.” I have been meaning to take the kids by for the open sessions or maybe a class, so the groupon is a great excuse to do so.


    1. nextlifechapter’s avatar

      Yes, Helen. It’s so close to you! I meant to mention it to you last week.


    2. Caitlin’s avatar

      So nice meeting you! I love the pictures!


    3. Heather’s avatar

      This looks like a lot of fun! And your daughter appears to have LOVED it!


    4. Julia’s avatar

      This looks like fun, we have a place similar to this near my house that we had my sons bday party at.


    5. Reesa Lewandowski’s avatar

      I was so sad to have missed this great event! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!


    6. Sara’s avatar

      My friends with girls seem to start dance lessons at 3/4 years of age. A good friend of mine, her daughter has been in dance since that age, and she will be a junior in high school next year! She loves dance! It’s a lot of fun to watch the dance recitals, too, of the little ones. Simply adorable!



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