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It’s been a fun ride so far. Now what?

Now that 2014 has arrived, I’m trying to decide what to make of this little blog. Last semester I took a Social Media Overview course through the Continuing Education program at the University of the Arts. This was in part to help me in my day job, but also to help me in the work I do with the South Philly Parents Resource Center and of course, with this blog. As I learn more and more about social media marketing and best practices, I get more frustrated with my blog and the gap between what I want it to be and what it is currently.

Number one, I need to write more regularly. I know that one of the best ways to gain more readers is to post good content and to post often. I need an editorial calendar and I need to stick to it.

Last year around this time I paid $12 for the 2013 version of this Ultimate Blog Planner from Click it Up a Notch. I really like the blog and the pdf could have been totally worth it had I used it to keep me organized and help better my blog. It’s a year later and while I didn’t really use the pdf, it did help me discover a great community of women in the Philly Social Media Moms. (In fact, I’m excited to check out this 2014 organizing planner from Zoo Cutie Printables–she gave PSMM members a free download code.)

The PSMM group ranges from experts to hobbyists, with many variations in between. These women are great resources, but in many ways I don’t feel quite ready for them. I know a lot of what I should do, but don’t have the time or energy to make it a priority. I’ve considered letting my blog fade away. I’ve considered just keeping things status quo–writing when I can, trying to post once a week and more likely posting only every fee weeks. I’ve considered the other spectrum too–devoting more of my “free” time to the blog, buying a new WordPress theme so the blog would have a fresh look with a more trendy and professional feel, setting up a strict editorial calendar, turning off the tv when I feel like watching New Girl or The Voice and composing the blog posts that often sit half written in my draft folder or only the spark of an idea in my head.

Tim and I have been doing a lot of thinking and talking through what the future might hold for us. Whether that means a new job and new rental here in the Philly area or a big move to a new community in a new state, I feel change is in store for our family within the next couple of years. Part of this conversation has been to brainstorm entrepreneurial opportunities and business ideas. What do we want to do with ourselves and our professional lives? Where do we want to raise our kids?

Where does my blog fit into all this? Where does creative writing? And photography? Where does my interest in work-life balance and supoport for breastfeeding early parenting fit in?

I don’t know that I have an answer yet. I wish I were here as the second post of a new year to make an exciting announcement, but I’m not there yet. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be, and I guess this blog is too.

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  1. Lindsey @ Sisterstosons.com’s avatar

    I share a lot of the same thoughts… blogging can be so overwhelming at the same time satisfying and addictive…. because afterall, it is an outlet to the adult world which is needed sometimes when we are home all day with our little ones. Go with your gut… if you do an awesome post once a week or once a month, that might be all that you need!?


  2. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles’s avatar

    It’s addicting, this blogging thing we do. It’s hard to make a living at it – and hard to give it up. I hope you find the answers you are looking for!


    1. Julie’s avatar

      well said, Jessica. Blogging is something that, once it becomes routine, has the potential to become a huge part of your life. But there is never anything wrong with getting your feet wet or keeping it as a hobby now and again. That’s how the majority of blogs are run.

      What’s most important is that it’s something you enjoy. No one wants to spend time doing something they don’t like. So have fun first and do what suits you.


    2. Tina’s avatar

      Thank you for giving me a shout out Beth! I think that balancing our lives, work and blogging is one of the hardest tasks for us bloggers. You are not alone! =) Which ever route you decide to go, I wish you well!


    3. Caitlin’s avatar

      I completely understand! I go from just wanting to give up on my blog and forget to wanting to change it up and push for more. It’s so hard to find the balance especially with a little one running the show!


    4. Baley’s avatar

      Keep it going, you always have nice things to blog. :)



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