The after effects of wearing non-maternity clothes during pregnancy

The after effects of wearing non-maternity clothes during pregnancy  |

The same non-maternity top before and during pregnancy.

It’s now two years after giving birth and I still feel self conscious about some of my clothes. Prior to being pregnant I had a few empire-waist tops that I was able to wear well into my pregnancy. Also, when I was pregnant I purposefully purchased a few tunics that were non-maternity so I could continue to wear them after the baby was born. I thought I was being so resourceful–not having to spend as much on maternity clothes, I was buying clothes I’d be able to wear again.

Now though, when I wear those tops, I feel like I look pregnant. I feel like I look as if I’m hiding something. I worry people think I’m still wearing maternity clothes. And, now that I’m over two years out, I feel like I’m given looks of suspicion for pregnancy #2. (Of course, this could be completely unfounded paranoia. It’s just that I know myself and my group of friends and we have often joked about monitoring each other’s wine consumption at knitting to predict who the next expecting mom-to-be will be.)

The other day, I tried on one of the aforementioned tunics and asked Tim if he thought it made me look pregnant. He gave the very polite and politically correct response, “I think I just associate it with you being pregnant,” he said. Needlesstosay, I didn’t wear it that day.

So, my advice to the pregnant moms out there: while it’s great to be able to re-purpose your pre-pregnancy clothes as maternity wear, you may feel differently about the outfit postpartum. Maybe you won’t feel this way. Maybe you won’t feel that wearing those outfits as maternity clothes has tainted them forever. Maybe people in your office at work won’t remember that you wore that dress when you were pregnant. Or maybe you’ll just be better than me and not care what other people think.

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  1. Heather’s avatar

    I totally get this! I can fit into a lot of my nonmaternity clothes well into my pregnancies (30 weeks +), and I have the opposite problem. I think people think I am getting chubby, not that I am well into a pregnancy!


  2. Cindy Howell’s avatar

    I love empire waist tops too. But you’re right, they can make you look bigger than you are!


  3. Rochelle’s avatar

    I agree. There are quite a few items that I can’t wear for the same reason, the rest I can’t wear because they’re stretched out big time and they just don’t look the same. Wear maternity clothes!


  4. Jeanine @MommyEntourage’s avatar

    I feel the same way about a few of my empire waisted shirts and dresses. I also have a few things that were non-maternity that are so stretched out now there’s no way they could be worn post-baby!


  5. Life with Kaishon’s avatar

    Those shirts are really in right now. I photographed 2 senior girls over the weekend and both of them wore those shirts. Isn’t that funny?


  6. Aida Ingram’s avatar

    This is a great post! I had some great clothes when I was pregnant most were maternity, but it is amazing how you feel about those items later.



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