I love to watch you…


My friend Helen posted a link to this article yesterday: “Six Words You Should Say Today” by Rachel Macy Stafford.

Read it. Then, come back here.


Did you read it? Seriously, what I’m about to say will make so much more sense if you read the article.

Well if not, you should, but she basically writes about how a sentence at the beginning of another article (“What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent and What Makes a Great One“) was life changing for her. The words were: “I love to watch you play.”

She wrote:

“The next time you feel the need to guide, instruct, or criticize after a ball game, performance, or extracurricular activity, instead consider six simple words: ‘I love to watch you play.’

Furthermore, if you become emotional simply by watching someone you love in action, consider these six words, ‘I love to watch you _______.'”


So, on this Father’s Day weekend, I’m away from and missing my husband, but I’m celebrating in person with my father and grandfather, and after reading this article I’m reflecting on all the ways I’ve witnessed love in action.

As Adelaide gets older and involved in extra curricular activities, “I love to watch you…” sounds like a good mantra to adopt. But I agree that it can apply to others and other situations as well.

I love to watch my dad play with Adelaide, to see him dance with her.

I love to watch Tim read her a story, give her a bath, hold her hand.

I love to watch my family experience the joy she brings when she enters a room.


Happy Father’s Day!

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