Grass Is Greener Mentality


The in-laws are in town visiting so I took yesterday off work. During our visit to Philadelphia Zoo, Adelaide demonstrated the sound a tiger makes.

It’s so easy to have a pity party for yourself. If only Tim had a better job. If only we had a better/bigger/nicer house. If only we could afford X, Y and Z (Definitely Z. Z would make things so much better). But really, when I pause and truly think about it, I’m reminded of just how lucky, how blessed I am.

I have the most amazing daughter. (Seriously, have you met this girl? She’s ridiculously awesome.) I have a supportive, loving husband and parents who love me unconditionally. I have in-laws who I enjoy spending time with and such incredible friends and family. Heck, I even have a job I only hate on the worst days, and actually like on most days.

It’s so easy to say that the grass is greener on the other side. “If only…”

But today, today I want to work on cultivating my own garden. If my grass isn’t green enough, perhaps it just needs some fertilizer. What can I do to work with my current situation and help it grow, help it bloom?

Sometimes we need to step away from the blogs, the Pinterest, the house and job envy, and just focus internally on the amazing hand we’re dealt. Really? I get to be this girl’s mom? I get to be this man’s wife? Shut up. That’s pretty darn cool.

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  1. Jeanine @MommyEntourage’s avatar

    Great to check out a new blog! It’s hard to have a negative attitude after a day at the Zoo, I grew up going there and have always loved it!


  2. carrie’s avatar

    I love your content mindset, with mention of the realistic tendency to look at the other side of the fence. Adorable daughter, too! :)


  3. Lauryn’s avatar

    Such an important concept to keep in mind! Thanks for bring it back:)



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