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One of my favorite mom blogs is Dear Baby by Melissa Jordan. I discovered it before I was pregnant with Adelaide, shortly after Melissa’s daughter Everly was born. I liked it so much that I went back to the beginning and read each entry in chronological order. It took me several weekends, but it was like reading a memoir – a peak into this woman’s most intimate moments of pregnancy and childbirth. The Jordans have two kids now – Everly is three and their son Arlo is almost two. Every so often Melissa will post “Everly Says.” They’re humorous or poignant musings of the child mind, something reminiscent of “kids say the darndest things.”

Although Adelaide is not yet putting together poignant musings, I thought I would follow this practice and start posting things Adelaide says.

Recently, Adelaide has begun to understand a little more about numbers and letters. When you ask her how old she is, she’ll hold up one finger and say “two.” A couple of weeks ago, I was giving Adelaide a bath and she was playing with the foam letters and numbers Aunt Gina gave her for Christmas. They stick to the sides of the tub and the tile on the wall and in combination with the squirt toys Aunt G gave her, it has made bath time much more pleasant.  So, I was playing with Adelaide in the water and she held up the number two and said “two.”

“Yes, that’s the number two,” I said. I was so impressed.

Then, Adelaide held up the letter F and said, “two.”  Ah yes, apparently every number and letter is “two” right now. Oh well, she’ll get it some day. And if she sticks to this convention for another three months, she’ll actually be right when someone asks her how old she is.

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