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These were taken last month, on January 26. It was a Saturday morning and although we only had an inch or two of powder, we got Adelaide bundled up and out to experience snow for the first time. We carried her down a few blocks to the “lawn” at the local public high school. We live in South Philly. No one has yards and the closest park is a little further than we wanted to walk. Knowing last winter was so mild, we decided not to shell out the money for snow shoes and a waterproof snowsuit this winter. Looking at these photos though, she looks pretty goofy. A friend of mine in the neighborhood took plastic bags, wrapped them around her kid’s feet and tied them with twine. I saw photos she posted on Facebook — I guess we weren’t the only ones making a fashion statement.

When we first put Adelaide down in the snow she just stood still and didn’t even want to move in it. She didn’t want to walk unless Tim or I were holding her hand. When she fell, she wasn’t very happy about it. I think it was a texture thing. She seemed to have a good time overall, and we didn’t stay out for long. Most of the snow had melted by the afternoon, so I’m glad we took the time to go out and experience it.

To the disappointment of my dog and my husband, it’s really the only snow we’ve had this winter. I would have liked a little more of the white stuff myself, but I don’t mind the more mild temperatures we’ve had the last two months. It’s been cold, but we haven’t had many days where it’s been, as Tim says, “stupid cold.” It’s not yet March so technically there’s still time for more snow. I’m not holding my breath. Still, I decided to take the opposite approach for next year. Last night I took advantage of an end-of-season sale and went ahead and bought snow boots for Adelaide to wear next winter.

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    These are so cute! I love her snowsuit. It inspires me to get better snow gear (hopefully on sale) for next winter!



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