Thanksgiving is a Big Word

My sister flew in from L.A. yesterday morning to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. It’s the first time she’s seen Adelaide in person since Easter. It’s strange to think that Adelaide wasn’t even crawling then, and now she’s walking all over the place, dancing and “talking.”

Gina brought a fun book called Big Words for Little People. I’m always skeptical of the trendy books authored by celebrities, but this one by Jamie Lee Curtis is really quite cute. It goes through some long or more difficult vocabulary words and explains the meaning in rhyme.

Persevere is to try and try, even though you might want to give up and cry. When doing a puzzle that puzzles your mind, you persevere till the right piece you find.”

Different means nobody’s ever the same. All bodies are different and so are all brains. Different is what makes this world so great. Different is never something to hate.”

But the part of the book that I like the best comes toward the end. As I heard my sister read it to Adelaide for the first time last night, it made me smile.

“But not all Big words are as long as the rest. There are three – though short – that I love the best.

Family is where we all belong, keeping us safe, making us strong. Family is yours, not matter — whatever! — we are about you forever and ever.

Respect is the way we all treat each other — mother to father, father to mother, brother to sister, sister to brother, and brother and sister and sister and brother…

Love is the biggest BIG word of all. Four little letters that help you walk tall. Love is your family, your siblings, your friends. Love is your ocean without any end.”

On this Thanksgiving Day, I’m so very grateful for my family. I often wish I could see them more often, and I feel sad that they don’t get to see Adelaide as often as I know they would like; but really I am so very blessed to have their support. Despite the miles that often separate us, I know Adelaide will grow up knowing how much she is loved. And I try to never take for granted the time we get to spend together.

Now, as I revel in the tradition of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, my sister naps on the couch next me (she’s still on west coast time), Tim is in the shower, and Adelaide is upstairs taking her morning nap. Tim’s brother and his wife will be over for dinner in just a few hours — a house filled with family, laughter and good eats. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours, and may we all remember to count our blessings every day of the year.

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  1. Gina’s avatar

    Awwww. Trying to get caught up and back on west-coast time. This is awfully sweet.


    1. nextlifechapter’s avatar

      Thanks – I was worried it was too sappy, but I thought Thanksgiving was one of the few days of the year when I little bit of sentimentality could be tolerated. Love ya!



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