Philly Fall in Review: Day 1

December is just five days away. Since I have several autumn-related posts that are bordering “too late,” I decided to spend the next five days recapping our October and November. To begin the five-day series, Adelaide’s first haircut.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I’ve met anyone Adelaide’s age with as much hair as she has. I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t met them. She’s always had a lot of hair, but it wasn’t until the end of the summer that I had to “do” her hair every day. Her hair was so long that she wouldn’t be able to see if I didn’t put the front section back in a little ponytail or piggie tails on top. She was like a sheep dog. So, when I made my hair appointment for October 10, my stylist said to bring Adelaide for the beginning of the appointment.  She sat on my lap for a few minutes to get comfortable with her surroundings. Then, Katie sprayed her hair with water and gave her some wispy bangs. I thought that with bangs, Adelaide would at least be able to wear her hair down sometimes. She wouldn’t need to sit still for Mom to put her hair back every morning.

Thanksgiving Day I put Adelaide’s hair in true piggy tails for the first time. Then on Saturday, she wore her first ponytail. Her hair is so fine and it’s not really long enough for a ponytail, but it sure is cute. Later in this week’s “Philly Fall in Review,” I’ll post some pictures of her latest hairstyles.

And yes, I asked my stylist to save some of the cut locks to include in Adelaide’s baby book. I remember looking at my baby book and the clipping from my first haircut. My hair was a golden honey (similar to the less-than-natural color I’m sporting right now). I imagine Adelaide one day flipping through the pages of her baby book and laughing at these photos of her first haircut.

The Before.

Being brave.


Almost done.

The After (and so excited about it).



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