Frankenstorm Sandy

Since Frankenstrom Sandy hit the mid-Atlantic this weekend, I had off from work both Monday and Tuesday. The unexpected four-day weekend was a treat (especially now that we’ve come out on the other end unscathed). Saturday and Sunday were go-go with Halloween activities and errands in preparation for the storm, so it was nice to then have an additional weekend where I could spend extra time with Adelaide and Tim, get some extra sleep and relax a bit.

We lost power a total of four times Monday night. The first three were for only 10 – 15 seconds each. It motivated us to actually gather the candles and and pull out the crank radio and crank flash light. I plugged in my cell phone for a last-chance charge. While I knew the loss of power was a real possibility, I guess I was in denial that it would actually go out in the city. Then, around 10:00 pm, the electricity went out again. I thought sure it was out for good. It was late enough that we could have just gone to sleep and hoped for the best in the morning. My biggest concerns were that Adelaide wouldn’t sleep through the night without the white noise of the fan in her room. I also worried about the frozen breast milk that would go to waste if we had an extended power outage. Fortunately, after just a few minutes the electricity came back on.

This morning, our neighborhood seems to have weathered the storm well. Although Tim and I often reminisce about living in West Philly with all the trees and parks, this is one of the rare times I’m thankful we live in a concrete jungle and that there are few trees in our neighborhood.  

Today, I’m feeling thankful and thinking about all those with damaged or destroyed homes and for the millions without power. 

Our South Philly block during yesterday’s rain. This morning everything looks pretty much the same, but that flag is no where to be seen.

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