There was an interesting article being passed around on the internet this week called 10 Great Ways to Be An Unhappy Mom. It was on mothering.com, and I thought all 10 items were worth remembering — more of a “10 Great Ways to Be An Unhappy Person” (the mom part was secondary). For some reason, the link to the article isn’t working now, and the only one I can remember off-hand is #10: Allow “busy” to become your default answer to, “How are you?”

As I was rushing to leave work today, I couldn’t believe how fast this week flew by. I guess that’s a good thing, but I seriously can’t believe it’s Friday again already. There were so many things I didn’t get done this week, and as I made a mental list for Monday I just left feeling stressed rather than relaxed and ready for the weekend.

This is a very busy time for me at work. I had a cold last week that spilled into most of this week (knock on wood – I may actually be getting better now). One day in particular I felt like calling in sick, but I didn’t dare for fear I would be that much further behind at work. I haven’t dropped any balls yet, but I have so many in the air I’m just racing around trying to keep control of each one.

I’m also teaching a class this semester. It’s the first semester I’ve taught since Adelaide was born and it’s just one class, but part of me wonders if I’ve taken on too much. I really enjoy teaching, and it feeds my creative soul in a way that is so different from the writing I do at work or blogging. I like talking about writing with others who like talking about writing. It’s fun to share my knowledge with students who are actually interested in what I have to share.

This semester the course I’m teaching is a “hybrid.” It’s a 10-week Continuing Education class, but instead of meeting every week in person, we only meet in class four times. The rest of the work is done online. There are weekly assignments, but the students are free to work on them any time throughout the week. It’s kind of nice to not have the weekly commitment of an in-person class. I still get to see Adelaide in the evenings and help put her to bed most every night. Still, there is A LOT of prep time involved each week. I wouldn’t say it’s “easier” to teach this way. In some ways it’s harder. It’s definitely different. I think we’re offering the same course again in the spring semester, so after I’ve already taught it as a hybrid once, it should be easier the second time around.

I haven’t posted a blog entry since October 1, and I feel guilty about it. I have all these things hanging over my head. There are emails I need to respond to, friends I need to call, blog posts I need to write. I feel “behind” in life, and that’s not a good feeling. Hell, I haven’t even finished the post I drafted to summarize Adelaide’s first birthday (nearly 3 months ago), let alone the first haircut she had last week, or any of the other numerous blog ideas I’ve had.

On the plus side, this week I tried on a skirt that I haven’t been able to wear since before I was pregnant and it finally fits again, I hosted knitting last night so my house is significantly more clean than usual, and I bought a pretty (dare I say sexy) nursing bra today that I’m pretty excited about.

I’m behind on life and busy. How are you?

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