Baby steps

Wednesdays are Adelaide’s day home with Dad, and when I got home from work on August 22 he told me she had taken steps. I had flashes of movies and tv shows–the nightmare of moms who work outside the home. What? I missed my daughter’s first steps?

I wasn’t really upset about it, but I did want to see it for myself immediately. Tim positioned her in front of me, but she didn’t feel like performing.

A few minutes later Tim was in the kitchen making dinner, and Adelaide let go of whatever piece of furniture she had used to pull herself up. She got in maybe two or three steps before falling, but I clapped loudly and she seemed very proud of herself. I thought it would be weeks before I would capture any steps on video, but I was amazed by how fast her walking progressed.

Monday, just five days after her first unassisted steps, we captured this video. The little lady who had no teeth at 11 months now has six. She knows the baby sign for “more,” can wave, high five and put her open palm to her mouth to “blow kisses.” She has one word, and says “dig” for dogs, cats, really any type of animal, muppet or cartoon person. I am amazed every time she learns something new, and I know this is just the beginning.

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  1. Gina’s avatar

    wow. she looks like a pro at this. that’s a lot of progress in a few days!



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