Next Life Chapter on Facebook!

Next Life Chapter now has a Facebook page! I post links to articles about parenting, breastfeeding and other interweb discoveries I find interesting. “Like” my page and tell your new parent and parent-to-be friends. It’s a continuation of my blog – a way for me to post quick thoughts and to create a dialogue with people interested in some of the same topics. Speaking of quick thoughts, I’m also a tiny chirp in the world of Twitter. Follow me as I experiment my way through this social media adventure.

And finally, vote for me on Top Baby Blogs. You can vote once every 24 hours so every time you visit my site hit the box in the left-hand column, Or you can click here, (and then the “button” when it takes you to the next page). My blog will slowly start to rise in the ranks, get more exposure and thus, more readers. Yay! Ice cream for everyone!


(Disclaimer: Not really ice cream for everyone.)

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