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I don’t think I can say it any better than I did last year. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to my dear husband Tim. We celebrated a few days early this year. Thanks to Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Ben, Tim and I went to dinner at Twenty Manning Grill on Saturday night. When we made our reservation on Open Table we mentioned that we would be celebrating our anniversary. We were seated at an intimate table with a curved yellow banquet, and I was convinced it was because I mentioned we were celebrating a special occasion. We enjoyed the heirloom tomato gazpacho with pineapple-basil sorbet and the pork pot-stickers as appetizers. Then, Tim had the charbroiled beef sirloin noodles, and I delighted in the simple pan-seared wild mushroom ravioli.

After they cleared our plates (the service was great and “on top of it,” borderline too on top of it — they seemed to be at our table all the time clearing something or wiping something) the server put spoons down in front of us. He then brought over complimentary glasses of sparkling wine and told us a dessert was on the way. “Happy Anniversary,” he said, “thanks for celebrating with us.”

We thanked the server and while we waited for our half-baked toll house cookie to bake, Tim raised his glass for a toast. “To four years of marriage,” he said lifting his glass to mine, “and to four more years.”

“Four more years?” I laughed. “How about forty more years?”

“Okay, to forty more years!”


Louis C.K. does this bit in episode 1 of his second season of Louie where he talks about how much he loves his daughters (and how he hates everything leading up to their existence simultaneously). He’s a divorced single dad and a comedian known for his controversial topics and crude language, so I take his crassness with a grain of salt and watch the show for one reason – it’s amazingly funny. Anyway, in the stand-up routine he goes on about how having a child makes you love them so much, it makes you love other people more, it makes you love life and just everything so much more. It’s true. Having Adelaide has made me love Tim more, if that’s possible. It’s made me love my parents and my sister and all of our family and friends just that much more. I am so filled with love because of the love I witness every day through our daughter. I love you, Tim. Happy Anniversary, and here’s to many, many more years.

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