Baby’s First 4th of July

At a family baby shower the month before Adelaide was born, we received a beautiful 4th of July dress. It was size 18 months, and I could hardly imagine the baby girl who would wear it the following summer. Fast forward to Wednesday, and we had baby’s first Independence Day. I knew she would wear the dress, but we didn’t have much planned for the day. All I knew was that I wanted to “go” somewhere and “do” something.

A friend suggested the 4th of July activities in Narberth, Pa., a suburban town on Philadelphia’s “main line.” I had never been to Narberth and had heard they had a cute downtown area, so I looked online to see what was planned. The activities reminded me of the small town activities hosted by my rural Illinois hometown. So, Narberth it was. We headed out early to beat the heat and met Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Ben there. We arrived just in time to participate in the “Diaper Derby” for crawling babies. Adelaide’s first competitive sporting contest!  Well, Adelaide didn’t move an inch. She just sat back on her bum and took in the sights around her — the crazy adults shaking their keys and trying to get the babies to come toward them, the crowd of people gathered around to watch, the other babies decked out in their best red, white and blue.

What can I say, the competition was tough. I joked that Adelaide will be a writer like her mom – more content to sit back and observe rather than “do.”

The adults shared cotton candy (I can’t remember the last time I’d had some), we bought Adelaide a star-shaped American flag balloon, and we supported the local vendors and had a little picnic lunch in the grass. We then drove to Ardmore for some frozen yogurt and went back to Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Ben’s to test out our sparklers. In fact, they still had some of the sparklers left from our wedding four years ago, so we pulled those out too.

That evening our friend Kendra invited us over for an impromptu BBQ, so after Adelaide had a quick nap at home, we took our dog Hugo and the whole crew over to her house. We grilled up some salmon, veggie kabobs and hotdogs, and lit the sparklers again. It would have been a near perfect 4th of July celebration if it weren’t for the hours of obnoxious neighborhood fireworks that didn’t end until 1:00 am.

Tim pointed out that this was the last of Adelaide’s “first” holidays. We had baby’s first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Now, she’s almost a year old, and while I’m sure there are still many “firsts” in her future, this was her last “first” holiday. Her first birthday party is now less than three weeks away – yikes!

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  1. Brooke’s avatar

    Such a cute dress! Love the pigtails. I can’t believe she’s almost a year old!



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