11 months – growing up in video

A few months ago I created a Vimeo channel for my blog. So far, it’s mostly just been for family – so they can see Adelaide’s day-to-day life and milestones – bath time, laughing, crawling, pulling up. As I’ve mentioned before, both my parents and Tim’s parents live far away. My parents haven’t seen Adelaide since Christmas, and for reasons out of their control (stupid cancer), Tim’s parents haven’t seen her since the beginning of October. I’m so completely in love with her that I want to show her off any chance I get – at brunch, at the grocery store, on the subway. I want to share her infectious smile with others. It breaks my heart that those who love her so dearly (namely her grandparents), get to see her so rarely. I knew it would be this way. I knew we lived far away and that they would only see her about twice a year. Still, that knowledge is hard to swallow when actually put into action.

To console myself, I try to do little things to make our distance feel shorter. We Skype with both sets of grandparents around once a week or so. I mail them photos when I send cards for holidays (yes, actual printed photographs like in the olden days). My Vimeo site is just another way for me to feel as if I’m bringing family one step closer. It took me a while to catch up with uploading all the videos we had taken since Adelaide’s birth, but I think they are now all there. The quality isn’t always great – I didn’t realize that I could only film horizontally and that the vertical recordings would appear sideways on screen (neck cramp, anyone?). I also had to teach myself that I couldn’t switch from horizontal to vertical mid-video. Oops. I also started to realize that I narrate the filming too much. Sometimes I think it’s important to say the date or how old Adelaide is, but sometimes I filled the down time with needless chatter and watching the videos back, I sound pretty goofy. My more recent versions feature more silence on my part, which works out well as Adelaide becomes more vocal.

Adelaide turns 11 months today (I know it’s cliche, but this small fact blows my mind), and while I was preparing for this post last night, I uploaded a few recent videos to Vimeo. My little netbook laptop doesn’t stream video very well, so we used our Roku to bring up Vimeo on our tv. It was fun to watch my little videos on a big screen. Tim and I watched several of the most recent videos and found ourselves taken with serendipitous smiles. Then, Tim went back a few months and found the video of Adelaide first trying solids. The video is a little long, and maybe it’s not as heartwarming to those who aren’t family, or who aren’t her mother for that matter, but this three-minute video had me with tears streaming my face. The video was taken on Adelaide’s 6-month birthday, and I just can’t believe how much she has changed. In some ways, she looks the same and has many of the same expressions, but she’s just so much bigger, more controlled, and less round.

Happy 11 months, Adelaide. It’s been an awesome ride.


6-months eating “solids” video

10-months eating video

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