Mega Million Dreams

So for the first time in my life, I played the lottery. The buzz about the biggest ever Mega Millions pot was just too good to pass. Although I’m 600 times more likely to get hit by lightning and 19 times more likely to get two holes-in-one in a game of golf than win, I played anyway. My chances are still better if I play than if I don’t, right? I mean, somebody has to win.

I’m channeling the power of The Secret. And until then, I’m at least enjoying 24 hours of “What would I do if I won all that money” dreams and schemes. I heard that if there’s a single winner, the winning pot will be something like 19 million dollars a year for the next 26 years.

What I’d do if I won:

  • pay off our student loans
  • pay off our friends and family’s student loans
  • buy a house in Tallahassee to be close to my in-laws
  • buy a house in Central Illinois to be close to my parents (we can spend as much time with both sets of parents as we want since we likely won’t be tied to our jobs)
  • buy a couple more houses in a couple of awesome places
  • start a foundation to give out money to special projects and organizations we believe in (my new life would consist of lying on the beach and reading through grant applications)
  • travel – Tim has family roots in Key West and has been meaning to take me there, I’ve been wanting to take him to see Portland, Oregon – the home of my mid-20s (hell, we could buy houses there too if we wanted), not to mention traveling the world, hitting every continent and getting those pesky three last U.S. states I need

This is just the beginning. Oh, the THINKS I can think up if only I try.

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