Long weekend in review

I was a little bitter about not having off work on President’s Day. The daycare was closed, and it just felt like all of my friends had off that day. However, I now have two, three-day weekends in a row so I guess that more than makes up for it. I work at a university and this week is spring break. While students have the whole week off, administrative offices are open Tue, Wed, Thu. Still, I’ll take what I can get. It was a relaxing and productive weekend.


  • Tim had class, so Adelaide and I had coffee with a my girlfriend Kendra and her pup Mabel. It was warm enough for us to sit outside, and I got a little exercise by pushing Adelaide in the stroller and walking there. I love that I can walk to several coffee shops in my neighborhood.
  • Quick run to Target
  • Pizza for dinner
  • Watched the movie Drive – very violent, but entertaining
  • Finished knitting Adelaide’s mittens even though it’s March and winter is basically over.


  • Brunch at Chhaya with our friend Serena who although lives in Philly, had not yet met Adelaide.
  • At-home photo shoot for Adelaide’s 7-month pictures
  • Tim had to work for a few hours, and I had already signed up for the Quilting Circle at Spool, so Tim’s brother and his wife graciously came over to hangout with Ada. (Thanks guys!) The quilt I started in a intro quilting class nearly a year ago is almost finished! It’s been sitting in my basement just waiting for me to finish the border. I can’t wait to be completely done (and post photos), and it’s guaranteed I wouldn’t have made as much progress without the open quilting hours with the experts at Spool.
  • Watched Saturday Night Live with host Lindsay Lohan on HuluPlus.
  • Pulled out a new knitting project and tried to figure out the pattern. It involves lace so it may be over my head.


  • Took Adelaide to daycare. Yay! – home alone to get things done.
  • Caught up on dishes
  • Wrote a letter
  • Worked on quilt border while watching The View
  • Wrote and published a blog post
  • Cleaned up bedroom while watching Super Bad and pulled some clothes to donate to Goodwill
  • Picked up Adelaide from daycare and played with her while Tim made dinner – she’s so giggly and fun right now
  • Watched The Bachelor while continuing to work on my quilt border

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