Best part of the day

The best part of my day is the half hour or so I get to spend in bed with Adelaide and Tim each morning. Usually Adelaide wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00 am, and I bring her back to bed with me to nurse. I comb my fingers through her hair and can only imagine she finds it as peaceful and comforting as I do when someone does it to me. As she eats, I fall back to sleep and usually she does too.

The alarm clock is set to a local radio morning show. When it pops on, Adelaide startles, pulls her head away from my body and looks around. I hit snooze and we settle for another 9 minutes. When the alarm goes off a second time, we are up for the morning. When Adelaide is done eating, I move her to a seated position. She spies her dad and smiles.  She blows raspberries and grabs at her feet laughing. The click-clack of Hugo’s nails on the hardwood floor startles her again. Her entire body jumps, and she turns toward the bedroom door looking for him. When she sees him, she grins wide and squeals, her arms flail up and down.

As Tim and I regain consciousness, we all cuddle as a family. Tim and I make eye contact and hold the gaze an extra half second. We did this. We created this beauty. Even in our sleep deprived state, we can do nothing but smile at the power she has over us.

I mean, really? How could you not smile waking up to this every morning?

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  1. tracy’s avatar

    what a beautiful name she has, and what a lucky little girl, you seem like such caring parents!! she’s adorable!



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