Remembering Thanksgiving

I’m behind on my holiday updates – Thanksgiving, Christmas…I can’t believe it’s the middle of January already. I’m of the philosophy that it’s better late than never, so here’s a holiday flashback.

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This Thanksgiving was pretty low key. I spent the morning flipping back and forth between the Macy’s parade and the Philly Thanksgiving parade. We ate leftover pizza for lunch and had leftover soup for dinner. We did get to Skype with both sets of grandparents, and Adelaide’s great-grandmother got to “see” her for the first time. We had our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday.

I follow‘s Baby’s First Year on Twitter and at the end of October I saw an adorable roast turkey hat mentioned in their archive. The original site was charging $30 for the knitted baby hat, and while I figured I could knit it myself, I didn’t think I had the time. I showed the photo to a few of my knitting friends, and when I posted it on Facebook, my friend Kendra encouraged me to give it a try. “You must find a way to make this!!” were her exact words. I Googled “knitting pattern baby turkey hat” and to my surprise, a free pattern came up. I bought yarn later that day. While I started the hat right away (it’s really just a baby hat with the two legs attached by picking up stitches), I spent a good part of Thanksgiving weekend finishing it. I was still sewing in the ends when Tim’s brother and his wife knocked on the door Saturday evening. Still, I got it done for Thanksgiving photos and that was the whole point. As you can tell from my Halloween photos, I’m taking full advantage of being able to dress my baby in whatever I want at this point. She’s too little to say no.

The pre-feast table

Modeling the turkey hat with Aunt Adrienne

Turkey hat photo shoot the next day

What a happy turkey! This is what I'm thankful for this year.


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