Introducing Solids – Our Weekend Plan

Our baby girl turns six months tomorrow! To celebrate her half birthday, we’re going to introduce something other than breastmilk for this first time. I’m proud to have made it exclusively breastfeeding for six months (especially while back at work for three of those months and pumping during the day five days a week). Go me! I have no immediate plans to stop, but Adelaide seems interested in the food we eat, so we’re going to start introducing some solids.

From what I’ve read, rice cereal is a good first food since babies digest rice easily and are less likely to be allergic to it than to any other grain. Tomorrow morning we are going to start with this brown rice and breastmilk recipe.

I’m interested in the idea of baby-led solids, or baby-led weaning as it’s also called. I just ordered the book from Amazon yesterday, and already it arrived this morning. I like the saying “solids before one are just for fun,” and the notion that baby doesn’t need solids for nutrition or to feel full. She’s getting all she needs from me. Introducing solids is just a chance to learn about different flavors and textures and explore the world of food.

I’m not one to believe there’s a “one-size-fits-all” guide to any aspect of parenting, but I felt strongly about waiting until 6 months to introduce solids. In the breastfeeding community, is a well-known resource. They have an interesting list of signs that baby is developmentally ready for solids, and I especially enjoyed reading the Myths section at the bottom of the page.

I’ve told several friends about Adelaide’s six-month birthday this weekend and our plan to introduce rice cereal for the first time.

“How exciting!” one friend exclaimed.

Then, another astute friend observed, “Isn’t it funny how what we find exciting has changed.”


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  1. LeAnn’s avatar

    Way to go Mama! Exclusively breastfeeding for six months while working is no small feat! I had lots of fun making seasonal purees for J. I’m looking forward to your pictures!


  2. Kendra’s avatar

    ha ha! I have told that story too :) glad it was a success!



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