First Halloween Belated

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’m not doing a very good job of being a Mommy Blogger. This working outside the home thing in combination with being a new mom doesn’t leave me a lot of “free” time. I knew it would be hard, but it’s all I can do to bathe myself regularly and do at least some of the dishes every couple of days. Emailing, blogging, cleaning, among many other things, have taken a back seat.

I’ve been wanting to write a Halloween post since, well, Halloween. So finally, here it is. At least I posted it before Thanksgiving and I’m not behind by yet another major holiday.

Funny, I started this post in a Word document and when I went to save it, Word automatically populated the first few letters I’d written as the document’s name. “I can,” is what it said, ignoring the apostrophe and “t” that followed. Although it’s not the name I would have chosen, it somehow seems appropriate. I can.

For Adelaide’s first Halloween, we had the luxury of dressing her in whatever we wanted. We can hopefully postpone the Disney princess outfits for at least a few years. When I saw an adorable banana baby costume online several weeks before Halloween, I knew we would be set. Then, I stumbled upon a banana dog costume at Target. While we already had a perfectly good costume for our dog Hugo that was leftover from a couple of years ago, I couldn’t resist.  For a mere $12.99 we could have matching dog and baby bananas. Just think of the photo potential! Here are the results:

My banana baby!

On the streets of Philadelphia

Tim and Adelaide at my work Halloween party

On Skype with Tim's parents

Hugo is not amused.

The whole family before our dog park's Halloween parade at the nursing home.

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