What not to wear – post-maternity style

I have nothing to wear. When I look through my pre-maternity clothes, all the tops are too tight through the mid-section and are unflattering. My pants are too tight too. I can’t even get them buttoned. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. It was only 10 weeks ago that I had another human being inside my belly. She stretched things out.

I’ll be going back to work in less than two weeks (yikes!), and there are two major considerations that come to mind as I contemplate adding a few new things to my wardrobe.

1. The tv show What Not to Wear. To save expenses, Tim and I got rid of our cable several months ago. We got a Roku and subscribed to Hulu Plus instead. This, combined with Instant and regular Netflix service and the non-cable channels we get for free, has worked well for us. For some reason, even though we aren’t paying for cable, we can still get a few cable channels as well as the network channels CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. We get the Food Network, the History Channel, TBS and TLC.

Needless to say, I’ve watched many an hour of these channels while on maternity leave. I’ve seen more episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss and A Baby Story than I care to admit. I’ve also watched many episodes of What Not to Wear. However, I’m not as embarrassed to watch this show in marathon. It’s educational! When I went to Marshall’s  two weeks ago (thanks for watching the baby and letting me get out of the house for a few hours, Tim), I looked at clothes and asked myself, “What would Stacy and Clinton think?”

While I enjoy the show for the complete-makeover-before-and-after aspect and the emotional transformations, I genuinely like most of the “after” styles and have learned some good tips from the “experts.”

2. I’m a nursing mom. So, not only do I have the voices of two tv celebrity fashion experts running though my head when I shop, but I also have to factor in nursing practicality and boob accessibility. While pregnant during the hot summer, I liked being able to just throw on a simple dress for work. However, pulling a dress up to your chest to nurse doesn’t really work when out at a restaurant. It’s not particularly practical for pumping at work either. So, when looking for dresses to wear this fall,  they don’t need to be  specialty nursing dresses, but the top does need to have  “pull down” ability.

I like this top from The Gap:

On Twitter I follow Babys1stYear from Babble.com. Recently, I’ve come across a couple of posts for inspiration:

Let’s Talk About Nursing Clothes

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  1. Helen’s avatar

    I wore a lot of tanks under cardigans or button-down shirts. Also, my mom gifted me 3 identical black and charcoal grey stretchy cowl neck tops that she spotted at Banana Republic on sale. My favorites were definitely the tops/tanks with actual stretch in them…. all the ones I had where the neck was wide enough to be pulled down, but the fabric was just ribbed or getting pulled to the side, ended up looking all rumpled and raggedy midway through the day.

    Also, as your baby gets bigger and your belly gets smaller, it becomes easier to be discreet lifting your shirt up instead of down. With a loose cardigan or a jacket, most tops will work for nursing once she’s a little bigger.


  2. Tenley’s avatar

    Ponchos were my friend, when I was nursing! Super easy. A friend of mine MacGyvered herself some nursing tank tops to wear under other tops, using whatever $3 tank tops she could find: the tank would go underneath, and have the boobs cut out. Then another, looser top over it. She could pull up the other top without exposing her belly. I don’t know if I ever tried her little trick though, because I got pretty brazen about just pulling up my shirt and shoving my son underneath. I usually had him in a sling, which provided its own cover. Might have felt differently if I had to nurse in a professional setting!


  3. LeAnn’s avatar

    I’m a big fan of the tank under a tee look. I don’t cut out the boobs of the tank like Tenley’s friend, but just pull it down and the tee up. I’d rather people see my boobs than my belly.


  4. Brandi’s avatar

    Oh, that top is cute! When I went back to work, my daughter was (still is, actually) in the daycare at my job, so I nursed her whenever she was hungry. I made the mistake a couple of times of wearing a crew neck tee shirt. Terrible. I’d be in the nursery, breastfeeding with a blanket covering my stomach because I had to pull the top up! I have no idea what I was thinking!


  5. Maternity Wear’s avatar

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