Observations at 7 weeks

There's no wait when you're out for brunch on a Wednesday!

7 weeks

1. The forgetfulness/scatteredness people claim as pregnancy brain/new mom brain is a real thing. (This may also extended longer than just for new moms, I’ll keep you posted.) Last week I left the house and spent the evening with friends all while wearing my shirt backwards. No one said anything (knitters, I’m looking at you), so either it wasn’t that noticeable or else they felt sorry for me and didn’t want me to feel bad. Three days later I left the house with my pants on backwards. How do you not notice your pants are on backwards you ask? Well, they were more the yoga-style pant than a button-up fly. I noticed when I got to the car and tried to put my keys in my pocket. The pocket faced the wrong way. I switched the pants around while sitting in the car parked on our street. Fortunately, I did it quickly and I don’t think any neighbors caught the brief moment I was sitting in the driver’s seat in my underwear.

2. Babies are harder to care for weeks 3 – 6 than they are the first couple of weeks. I feel like no one mentioned this. The first couple of weeks Adelaide just ate and then slept, and when she was awake and fussy (which wasn’t very long), I would just feed her again to quiet her. Now, she’s awake a lot more, and that’s a good thing. It’s fun when she’s alert and calm. She has so much more personality when her eyes are open, and I love looking into her deep gray eyes and talking to her. However, being awake more and more also means she’s fussy more and more. And now, I don’t always know what to do to make her happy. Feeding her doesn’t always do it, so it can be frustrating. Since she’s awake more, that means she’s sleeping less, and unfortunately she’s sleeping more during the day than at night.

3. It helps my sanity to get out of the house every day. The last several Mondays I’ve been attending a free breastfeeding support group at the hospital where I delivered. The discussion is usually informative, but I appreciate the opportunity to get out of the house more than anything. Plus, it’s a safe place to breastfeed in public. I’m now much more comfortable using my cover-up and breastfeeding while out and about, but in those first few weeks it was nice to be able to socialize and not have to worry about the logistics of how to discreetly nurse in public. Last Friday, I also attended the New Mom Support Group at the parenting center Ali’s Wagon. Right before the drop-in support group, the My Baby, My Self session features a different speaker each week. You can attend both the guest speaker segment and the support group for $10 (otherwise it’s still $10 to attend one or the other.) I’ve also been trying to make time to meet friends for lunch, make a trip to Target or just out for a walk.

4. When the doorbell rings, take the baby with you to answer. While writing this, two Jehovah’s Witnesses just came to the door. Seeing that I literally had my hands full got rid of them quickly.

There's no wait when you're out for brunch on a Wednesday!


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    You made my day!!!


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    Hi Beth. I’m Laura. I love your blog, and your little girl is just precious. :) I was hoping we could link up! Check out my blog and see what you think.


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      Hi Laura, I finally got a chance to check out your blog. I look forward to reading it.



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