As I mentioned a few months ago, I bought a smart phone back in April. Now that Adelaide is born, I’m really getting my money’s worth. I use the phone throughout the night while I’m up breastfeeding and trying to get her to settle. I check my email and Facebook. I catch up on the local mommy Google Groups I’ve recently started to read. I check in on Twitter or some of my favorite blogs. I’ve even thought about plugging in headphones and watching instant Netflix movies on my phone in the night, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

A couple nights ago while up at 3:45am I came across this amazing post of crappy pictures. Aside from the fact that we have one child, not two, and a dog, not cats, it’s completely relevant. I wanted to wake Tim up and show him right then.

To his credit, I will say that Tim is not necessarily a deep sleeper. I know he doesn’t sleep through every chirp, snort and whimper. Adelaide is a loud baby who prefers to sleep during the day, so I know he is sleep deprived, too. (Just not as much as me.)

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    My new smartphone joy: checking out ebooks from the library! Highly recommended, if you aren’t already doing it.

    I think I watched one Netflix movie on my iPhone before I decided that any activity that might discourage me from putting down my phone and going to sleep was probably to be avoided. On the other hand, I was never more Twitter-informed than I was during those early months.



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