Growing Up Smiles

I can’t  believe how much Adelaide has grown already. She had her one-month appointment last week and she is already 10 pounds! That’s a weight gain of 2lbs, 9oz in just three weeks, and it puts her in the 75th percentile for weight. This actually makes me feel really good because it means I’m doing my job. It also means Adelaide is doing her job. By breastfeeding, I’m sustaining a life, and Adelaide is a good eater.

Already Adelaide has outgrown her newborn-sized onesies and sleepers. Although she’s still wearing size 0 – 3 months, there are several of the teeny-tiny ones that she can no longer wear (or never wore at all). Fortunately, most of the onesies she never wore were hand-me-downs, so we didn’t spend any money on them. It still makes me a little sad that I won’t get to see her in them. But, I’m looking forward to the next stage as well. Tim and are both anxiously awaiting Adelaide’s first smile. We’ve caught glipses of that heartbreaking toothless grin, but so far it’s just been the instinctual smiles during sleep or caused by gas. I can’t wait until she has a reactionary smile and actually smiles “at” me. I’ve read that this usually happens for the first time between five and eight weeks. So, any day now…

Until then, we have this to hold us over:

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  1. Jennifer Gandin Le’s avatar

    She looks so sweet! Love those puckered lips. And great job on growing a big healthy baby.

    As far as the smiles — I totally disagree that those early smiles are only instinct or gas. I firmly believe that those smiles reflect an inner emotional comfort, and if your baby is showing those, then that means you’re doing something very right.



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