A few weeks ago my sister bought plane tickets to visit me for a week beginning August 14, the day after my due date. She just found out that she got a new job (yay!) and no longer had the flexibility to come whenever the baby arrived (boo!). I’ll admit I was nervous. I thought there was a good chance I’d go into labor while she was here, and I wasn’t sure I wanted another person around while I was laboring at home and waiting to go to the hospital. I also worried that the baby may be late and my sister would miss her all together.  My birthday is August 17, so my sister assured me it would be okay. Even if there was no baby, we’d hang out, finish getting ready for baby and celebrate my birthday. As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry.

On Tuesday, July 26, I jokingly told Tim I thought the next Wednesday, August 3, would be a good day to deliver.  My work had already hired a temporary worker to assist while I was out on maternity leave. I was supposed to start training her Thursday and Friday, July 28 and 29. I figured that by the following Wednesday, I’d have most all my top priority projects wrapped up. My parents were “on call” to drive out from Illinois whenever they got word of baby’s arrival.  If she was born on August 3, my parents could come out the following week and still have a week here before my sister arrived on the 14th. Plus, August 3rd seemed like a nice day for a birthday. I had it all worked out in my mind.

Still, it was all said tongue in cheek. While at 37 weeks I knew I was technically full term and could go at any time, I still figured I’d be late. So, when I went into labor in the middle of the night, around 2 am on Thursday, July 28, I totally wasn’t expecting it.

It’s so weird. Wednesday we were eating dinner at IHOP and looking at lamps for the nursery at Lowe’s, and then the next day we had a baby. She was here. No more planning. I didn’t have my hospital bag packed. I didn’t have my birth plan written out. I didn’t have a glider or breast pump. I didn’t have nursing bras or a diaper bag. Our house was a mess. I wasn’t yet organized. The nursery wasn’t complete. The dirty dishes were taking over the kitchen. We also had a photo shoot planned with a photography student at the university where I work. She was going to meet us in the park on Sunday and take maternity photos of Tim and me.

Then, I became a mom. I’m disappointed there was no photo shoot in the park, and I didn’t get the chance to train my temp at work. I feel guilty for leaving several things up in the air when I went on an earlier than expected maternity leave.  But now I have a new job. Even though she is not even due until Saturday, Adelaide is two weeks old today. I am trying to survive the sleepless nights, to sleep when she sleeps and to enjoy her bright eyes, many facial expressions and coos.

I imagine it may have been different if I was scheduled to be induced and knew what day I would give birth, or if I had reached my due date and was more prepared that she really could come any day. I miss being pregnant (at least parts of it), and I feel as if I didn’t get to properly say good-bye to that stage in this cycle. Now I’m a mom. Aside from writing this, I haven’t had time to think twice about it. I’m just doing it, and trying to digest it all.

And for the obligatory photo, taken last week:

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  1. Teresa’s avatar

    I love this musing!


  2. Jennifer Gandin Le’s avatar

    August 3rd is a wonderful day to be born (it’s my sister’s birthday), but I believe that Adelaide chose the perfect way and time to be born. Right smack dab into the center of this wild, wonderful life. Congratulations again to all three of you!


  3. Helen’s avatar

    Wonderful story. I was so sick of being pregnant by the time Nora was born, so it’s nice to hear how the other half lives. :)



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