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Best thing that happened this week? I found a pool! It’s a community pool just a short drive away and it’s free!

My friends Kendra and Dawn actually discovered it, and they invited me to go with them on Saturday afternoon. We really had no idea what we were getting into and figured it would be super crowded over the holiday weekend. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded at all…especially in the “deep” end (deep in this case only being 4′ to the deepest 4′ 10″).

We met another group of 30-somethings at the pool while we were there. The three of them were new to the pool that day, too. Together, we celebrated our new find. How did we not know about this before? Why isn’t it more crowded? We all pledged to keep the pool to ourselves, to make it our own private swim club.

We discussed the new fancy-do swim club in Northern Liberties, and we declared our swim club superior. We may not have luxury cabanas and a bar, but our club has character and well, it’s free! No $1,000 membership fee here.

After some time in the water, we began to realize there are some funky rules at the community pool. No standing on the side of the pool. No sitting at the side of the pool. No jumping into the pool; but, you must climb in quickly (see “no sitting at the side of the pool”). When the lifeguards blew their whistles and yelled at someone, we added another rule to the roster. In addition to the weird rules, we discovered one other downside to our private swim club. No restrooms. Apparently, there are restrooms in the attached rec center, but access requires walking outside the pool area and around the block. When our new friend and fellow swim club member inquired about the restroom situation, the lifeguard said, “just go in the pool.” We think he was kidding, but hell, I’m sure that’s what a lot of those kids end up doing.

Despite the fact that our swim club is at a pee pool, it’s still a free place for me to go cool off in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Swimming, or just floating around and relaxing, was recommended to me by several people, including my midwives. I had been trying to identify a place to swim, and even the local Y seemed out of my price range for just a summer commitment. In the water I feel weightless, and it feels so nice to be off my feet and floating.

I introduced Tim to the pool on Sunday, and Kendra and Dawn were there again. Tim and I went back once more the next day, on the afternoon of the 4th of July. Philly residents are known to head down the shore on weekends, so I’m curious to see if the city pool was just abandoned on the holiday weekend or if it will actually be that empty this weekend as well.

I already have a date with the pee pool this afternoon.  Can’t wait.

UPDATE: The pool was definitely more crowded this weekend. Instead of 5 people in the “deep” end, there were more like 25 – 30 on Saturday. Still, it was a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity even though I went by myself and stayed for only about 40 minutes. I’ll definitely be going back next weekend and hopefully every weekend until delivery.

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