Long over-due belly post

By “over-due,” I mean that the photos are old and should have been posted weeks ago, not that we’re past the baby’s due date. Tomorrow I’ll be 34 weeks, and as a teaser to the belly I’m sporting these days, I’m posting weeks 27 – 30.

I’ve been really good about using my Canon Rebel XSi to take a photo from the same spot in our living room every week. I use a tripod and automatic timer so I can do it on my own and adjust settings accordingly. Often the natural light is low, and the tripod comes in handy for those low-lit days. To save time, I put the timer on a continuous setting so it takes 6 photos at a time and I can change my hand positions without having to reset the camera after every photo.

More belly pics to come soon.

27 weeks

28 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

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