Official Blog Launch

It was about a month ago that I decided to start sharing this blog.  I figured, if the point was to have people read it, I should probably start telling people about it – ha!

I secured a unique URL at, and moved the blog from newlifechapter at WordPress to here.  It’s still a WordPress themed blog, but with the help of my more computer savvy husband, I was able to have it hosted on his site. I actually began the blog over a year ago when Tim and I first started thinking seriously about having a baby. I’ve been posting a little more consistently the last couple months, and after getting inspired by other baby blogs (Dear Baby is a favorite), I decided to try and take my blog to the next level. One motivation for writing more consistently is to know I have readers. I hope to broaden my readership, so please subscribe and tell your friends.

I also set up a Twitter account in the last month, so you can follow my tweets @nextlifechapter.  I’m still trying to navigate Twitter and figure out how it works, how to connect with other mommy bloggers, and how to make it work in a way that is useful (and not overwhelming) to me.  Unlike many of the mom blogs I’ve discovered in the last few weeks, I do not have the luxury of working from home.  I just don’t see how some of these women find the time to tweet so much.  I guess they just have their iPhone’s attached at the hip.  Still, I’m having fun.  I’ve discovered several new and awesome blogs through Twitter.  Perhaps I will share some of them in upcoming posts.

Through Twitter, I also discovered the site Pinterest.  Do you know it?  It’s a site where you can pin your interests..get it?  Pin interests? Pinterest?  I keep wanting to call in Pine-terest.  For some reason, I see the word “pine” whenever it comes up.  So Pinterest is this new site where you can create boards and pin images you like.  I can see how this could be a really good resource for artists, crafty people, designers etc…  I’ve had fun “pinning” some of the nursery designs I’ve found online, some of the DIY projects I want to put on my to-do list etc…  Some people have categories of places they’d like to visit, tattoos they like, adorable baby animal images, photos that link to recipes….the options are endless.  Right now you have to go to the site and request an invite.  My invite came in just under a week, and I now have 5 or 6 invites to give out myself.  Let me know if you want one, and leave your email address as a comment to this post.  I already gave one invite to Tim.  I could see how this could be useful to him in pinning typography examples for inspiration, or maps, or other ephemera. I’m not yet sure the benefits of following other people on Pinterest, but I’ve only been a user for about a week. I’m still on the journey of discovery, but if you’re not wasting enough time on Facebook, this could be the new site for you.  You can find my boards and follow me at:

Also, I signed up at Circle of Moms.  Today, May 18, is the last date to vote for me in their “Top 25 Pregnancy Journals” contest.  Just click the yellow thumbs up button here: I registered at Top Baby Blogs too, and you can vote for me by clicking the brown button in the left column of my blog. When you click the button, you just have to click once more in the top section of the page. I don’t expect to be in the top rankings, but I’d like to at least show up on the site. I broke the 300 mark this week, so as of today I’m ranked at 283.

Since I do some social networking as part of day-job, I’m having a good time learning more about how all this works–Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, how blogs, Facebook and Twitter can all work together to help drive traffic to your site.  My blog is my site in this case, so if anyone has words of wisdom to share, or would like to direct me to articles or other interesting resources and sites, please do.  I admit that I’m still a novice, and I welcome the advice.

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  1. Paige’s avatar

    Good work Beth! I think it is great that you are doing this. I am an avid mommy blog reader and have found many good ones but there are few that hold my interest for a long time. This is one that keeps me coming back:

    She also has tons of advice on there for the techy portions of blogging, subscribing, feeds, etc. I think the most interesting bloggers are the ones that don’t really hold much back. You can tell after a while which writers are really open, and which ones are trying to share just enough to make it interesting but are noticably holding a lot back. I tried to start a blog but just couldn’t be that open and I really admire those that are. I think you have a great start here and I’ll be checking back frequently. Congrats!Maybe you be a stay-at-home blogger mommy before you know it :).


    1. nextlifechapter’s avatar

      Paige, thanks for telling me about rageagainsttheminivan. I’ve added it to my Google Reader. And, I agree with you about not holding back in your writing. I’ve been writing, studying and teaching memoir writing for years. It’s something I always tell my students. Vulnerable, emotional writing is the best kind, but it takes commitment, practice…and guts.



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