How do they do it?

I’ve found myself asking this question a lot this week: How do they do it? I know mommy blogging can be a monster field to break into. I have no delusions of having thousands of readers, quitting my day job and getting a book deal. I’m just trying to carve a tiny corner, make interesting posts and do my best to update regularly. Even with these modest expectations, I find myself falling behind.

I have so many ideas for new posts – several already saved as started drafts. But how to make time to actually sit down and write them? I don’t want to produce crap for posting’s sake. As someone who spent three years of her life in a graduate writing program, I feel an obligation to at least try to produce stories that will make me proud. I’ve read that other bloggers write on the weekend, create several posts in advance and then schedule them to publish periodically through the week. I thought this sounded like a good game plan, but I’ve already found it to be too time consuming. I’m lucky if I can push out at least one post over the weekend.

I also can’t seem to keep up with the mommy blogs I want to read.  During the work week, how do I find the time to stay up-to-date on my blog reader and Twitter feeds, and make thoughtful comments to start making new friends and foster community? I seem to save my blog reading for the weekend, but then I feel unproductive if I’m sitting in front of the computer all Saturday morning instead of working on all the little projects that need to be done around the house. Or instead of writing a blog post of my own.

Ever since I got my smart phone back in March, Tim has been giving me a hard time about being “too connected.”  I admit I do check my email and Twitter on my phone at home now and again.  I don’t yet have a laptop or netbook, and I usually only bring my work laptop home over the weekends. If I do get a netbook (on my wishlist for the summer), I worry that Tim will think I’m using it too much.  I want to make blogging (and social networking for my blog) easier on myself, but I don’t want it to consume me.

And photography is another thing I just haven’t yet nailed down. How do bloggers find time to upload their photos and edit them for posts?  It’s easier if you’re just uploading them directly from your phone, but I have a nice digital SLR camera and I prefer to use it over the camera on my phone when possible. Right now I have a bunch of photos I’d like to use for posts I want to write, but they are still on my camera.  Or, they’re on the computer and not yet Photoshopped. Seriously? How do they do it? How do they post their photo series next day? Seriously.

The looming question is how I will possibly keep up with my writing, photo uploads, Twitter feeds and blog reading once our little Blueberry is born.  I can see that things will only get more complicated, not less.  Especially once I’m back at work full time. I don’t have the answers. All I know is I like this. I like keeping the blog, sharing my stories, documenting my life, and learning from the other moms I read. I enjoy the thrill of discovering a fantastic new blog, and having new readers comment on mine. I only hope I can start to make it a routine, and once I do, that it will continue to be something that fulfills me.  Right now, blogging is fun.  I don’t want it to become a burden, and I don’t want to feel guilty if I don’t post as often as said other blogger. I give myself permission to go at my own place and find what works for me.  But still, the question bears repeating, how do they do it?

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  1. Ingrid Wiese’s avatar

    I ask myself the same question! But you are a writer, carefully crafting a story and a lot of bloggers aren’t and don’t. It seems easier to post something witty and short – it’s much tougher to analyze your feelings and translate them to paper. I’m trying to get back into it these days – some days are inspired and some are not – but I try to post something every day. Keep going, because I just love reading it!!


  2. Heather Jo’s avatar

    I feel your pain, friend. I think it’s just a slow process of getting used to what works for you… including figuring out what the “right” amount of posts per week is and what the best method is for following through. I’ve just been making small goals. I plan to build on those goals as I go….

    Good luck Beth!!



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