Spring has sprung


Philadelphia spring

This week we’ve had four days with weather in the 80s.  I guess I should say “Summer has sprung,” since we’ve practically skipped over spring.  However, today’s temperatures in the high 60s have made it feel more like the spring I’ve been yearning for–a bit chilly with the breeze, but sunny and beautiful.

Now that people aren’t wearing coats all the time it’s as if spring has sprouted pregnant ladies all over the city. I’m definitely at the point where I look pregnant, and in some ways it’s a relief. People can now approach me comfortably and “know” that I’m pregnant rather than just keeping their mouth shut because they aren’t 100% sure. This makes things a little easier at work, too.  My department has known since February, but it’s not as if I sent out a memo to the entire university community.

The photo above was taken two weekends ago near the Philadelphia Museum of Art along the Schuylkill River. Last month I got my first smartphone–it’s an HTC EVO from Sprint, and I’m still getting used to it.  (If you have any ideas for fun apps, please pass them along.) While looking for an app similar to the iPhone’s Hipstamatic, I found Retro Camera and this photo was taken on the Little Orange Box setting.  Unfortunately, I shot it right after a day of heavy rain, so the river looks like chocolate milk.  Ummm chocolate milk…

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