20-week anatomy ultrasound

I was actually looking forward to our doctor’s appointment this week.  We would get another glimpse of our baby–likely the last time we would see him or her until the arrival in August.  The ultrasound was Thursday morning and the blueberry wasn’t cooperating at first. The baby was  facedown sleeping and its legs were crossed. The technician took a bunch of measurements of the head and other body parts, but she really needed to get some better photos of the heart and even though we asked her to write it down and not tell us right there, she knew we wanted to know the sex.  Eventually she made me get up, walk around and go to the bathroom before jabbing around some more. If they couldn’t get all the views they needed that morning, we would have to come back.  I wasn’t too worried about not finding out the sex.  I figured if we didn’t find out that day, we could just find out in a few weeks when we had to come back.  Still, when I went to the bathroom I jumped around and poked my belly to try and get the little booger to wake up and move around.

Finally, the technician was able to gather all the photos they needed, but still no good shot to reveal gender. The tech said she needed to show everything to the doctor and have him come in, so she promised to take one last look before we left.

After she left the room, I turned to Tim.  “It’s funny. We debated whether or not to find out the sex, and maybe the baby is just going to decide for us.”

“Yeah.  Maybe so,” Tim said. He looked disappointed.

“Are you going to be really upset if we can’t find out the sex?”

“Nah.  I mean, I’ll be a little disappointed, but maybe it’s just not meant to be.”

I was going to be disappointed too.  Once we finally decided we were going to find out the sex, I was excited to know.  I was looking forward to our “reveal” on Sunday.  While we waited for the doctor and technician to come back into the room, Tim and I talked to the baby and prodded my belly.  I laid on my side to change-up the position.

“Wake up in there, baby.  Let us see your private bits.”

The technician returned for a final look.  She told us to look away from the monitor.  I held my breath and hoped that the baby would play nice this time.  She got it!  She said the positioning was good and she could tell.  Hooray!  Thanks for cooperating, baby.  Of course, she had to give us the disclaimer that the results aren’t 100% accurate. She said it was probably about 95% accurate though. So, she wrote it down for us, and I have it in a sealed envelope in my purse.  The answer is sitting right there in my bag.  Tim and I are going to open it together tomorrow.

We know our life will be forever changed come August, and I can’t help but think about how our lives might differ depending on whether this baby is a boy or a girl.  Until tomorrow…

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