To find out? Part 2

To continue my post from last weekend about whether or not to find out the sex of our baby:

Tim finding out and not telling me is not an option.  First of all, that’s no fun.  If he’s going to find out, I’m going to find out.  Plus, he said he wouldn’t be able to do it.  He said he wouldn’t last 24 hours without making an accidental slip referring to either “him” or “her.”

Tim and I are also considering the idea of finding out, but just not finding out that day in the doctor’s office.  We’d ask them to write it down in a sealed envelope and then Tim and I would open it together later.  We’d make a special event out of it–go to dinner or invite some friends over for a reveal party. A few years ago, a college friend of mine told me she and her husband did this.  It was right before Christmas so they put the envelope under the tree and opened it together on Christmas morning.  What a nice Christmas surprise.  Obviously, that timing’s not going to work for us.  There isn’t really a big holiday at the beginning of April, and I think opening it on April Fool’s Day is just begging for error. But maybe it doesn’t have to be a big holiday.  It can just be a special moment between Tim and me.

A co-worker of mine said reveal parties are actually becoming a trend in some cities.  Apparently, parents-to-be will take the envelope to a bakery and have them bake the answer into a cake–they’ll make the cake pink for a girl or blue for a boy.  Then, the couple will invite their friends and family over and cut into the cake to reveal the color, and thus the sex of the un-born baby.  I thought this idea was kind of cute.  It’s not a big thing in Philly yet, so I thought our friends would think it clever.  However, when I ran the idea by Tim, he thought it was a bit cheesy.

“I mean, I could see inviting some friends over for pie and opening the envelope together, but I don’t think we need to take it to bakery.”

So, another idea shot down. When I started thinking about who we would invite, which of our friends would care enough about the sex of our baby to attend a “gender reveal” party, I thought maybe Tim was right.  Maybe this is something private, something we’d like to learn outside the clinical environment of the doctor’s office, but something still reserved for just the two of us. So, it’s looking like Tim and I will find out, that we will ask them to write it down and put it in a sealed envelope.  Then, we’ll open it in some kind of special way, on our terms.  What this “special way” will be has not yet been determined.  I’ll keep you posted.

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