Boy or Girl?

Watch this video. It is HI-larious.

I should probably be offended, but it’s funny and some parts are definitely true.  People have asked us whether we want a girl or boy.  It’s really not a fair question.  Do they actually expect me to answer one way or the other.  “A girl.  I definitely want a girl.”  Then what?  If I have a boy they’ll feel sorry for me?

Truth is, I was leaning toward wanting a girl.  I think Tim was too.  Part of the reason is that we have awesome girls names picked out, and we still haven’t found that one boy’s name that sets itself apart from the rest.  For me, I feel as if I know more about girls.  I have a sister and never had brothers.  Although I don’t know a lot about raising children, I know what I went through growing up as a girl and how I was raised.

My friend Chris said it well when I talked to him on the phone a few weeks before his baby was born.  “I feel like I know more about how to raise a bad-ass girl than I do about raising a sensitive, emotionally available guy.”  Chris explained that he basically wanted his kid to be the opposite of the gender stereotypes, and raising a girl who played the bass and was totally into trucks seemed easier than raising a boy who wasn’t afraid to play with dolls.  Chris and his wife Jennifer also had better girls names picked and were still indecisive about boy names.  Of course, this meant Chris and Jennifer were meant to have a boy, and after he was born he went unnamed for two days.  Baby Felix is now three weeks old, and they couldn’t have imagined their lives any different.  They have fallen completely head over heals for their son, and I’m sure they’ll do a fantastic job of raising him to defy stereotypes.

In fact, seeing photos of baby Felix and the photos of Chris and Jennifer with him the last few weeks, have made me even more excited to meet our little blueberry.  It’s also made me less frightened of having a boy.  I think that’s it.  It’s not that I don’t want a boy, it’s just that having a boy seems even more scary than having a girl.  Whichever way the gender revealing news goes, we have our anatomy ultrasound on Thursday and I’m sure I’ll be ecstatic.

And the girls names we like?  Well, we know, but we’re not telling…

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    Heya, sister. I’ve seen Kate Micucci’s (dark hair girl playing the piano) live show. And she’s the server in a progressive commercial. Her last name reminds me of ours.



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