Tallgirl Maternity Wear

I was 22 inches long when I was born, and I’ve been tall ever since.  Buying clothes has been an issue for as long as I can remember.  Even in Jr. High I was buying pants and jeans out of the J.C. Penney Tall Catalogue.  It’s hard to find 12-year-old-appropriate styles out of the women’s J.C. Penney Tall Catalogue.  Since then, more stores have options for tall girls.  In high school, I discovered that Lerner sold pants in “long” styles.  More stores have jumped on board in the following years–The Gap, Express etc…

Still, finding Long pants and jeans isn’t always easy.  The Gap’s cutest slacks often come in only one length, and while living in Boston,  I once asked the clerk, “Why doesn’t Gap want tall girls to look cute?”  I think I surprised the college student working that day.  He wasn’t sure if I was joking or not and just shrugged his shoulders with a quiet laugh.

I didn’t think too much about having to find tall maternity clothes.  I guess I knew Gap had a small maternity selection, and I just figured they’d have pants in Long styles.  Which they do, fortunately.  I didn’t think about maternity tops and how I would need longer length shirts, especially later in my pregnancy.  Several posts back I mentioned my friend H gave birth to a beautiful daughter in November.  Like me, H is a tall girl.  She’s been great about giving advice on doctors and clothes, and I’m sure I’ll use her as a resource even more as the weeks progress.

Generously, H offered me the use of her maternity clothes and lent me a big storage container full of tops and pants and jeans.  And surprisingly, the pants are just my size–10 Long.  Hooray!!  I can save the $59.95 I spent on black boot cut pants for work and just wear the EXACT SAME pair in the EXACT SAME size from H’s stash.  Crazy, eh? I’m not showing too much yet, so I don’t need the full panel pants, but hell, if they stay up, why not wear them now?  I can’t seem to get my old pants buttoned and while the BeBand I got at Target has been a Godsend, it makes for a bumpy belly when I wear it over unbuttoned and unzipped work pants.  I’m liking the actual maternity wear even though I’m still growing into it.

As far as What not to wear when pregnant, I ran across this funny blog post a few months ago.

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  1. Heather Jo’s avatar

    Know what’s funny??? I was 23 1/2 inches when I was born… and now I’m a whopping 5’0″. Ha!

    ..and by the way, you look great in your tall-girl maternity wear!!



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