Game on!

It’s been over a month since I last posted, but it’s now November.  Do you know what that means?  Well, as I mentioned in this post, we were putting our trying to conceive on hold for a couple of months.  Those two months went by surprisingly fast, and it’s November already.  Game on!

I just started a new cycle yesterday, and although I still don’t have this whole tracking and timing thing down to a science, I’m hopeful about a new beginning. I’m hopeful for us.

Tim and I went to Boston to visit friends for a long weekend over Halloween. We returned Tuesday afternoon just in time to vote in a disappointing election. We had a just completely fabulous time while we were there.  Good food, good company, lots of walking around.  Boston is the city where Tim and I met.  It’s the city where we got engaged.  Memories accompanied everywhere we went, and it was just a beautiful, fall vacation.

We returned home renewed. We were inspired by our friends’ cute apartments, the idea of hosting small dinner parties, and conversations about  business plans.  While writing a business plan is a daunting endeavor that will take some time and research, we decided to dive right-in on the cute apartment front.  We decided to paint one feature wall in our living room, get some new furniture, and move some of our other furniture around.  So, not to waste any time, we made a trip to Lowe’s yesterday and picked out paint.  We got a piece of furniture to go in the front window so that we could go back to using our kitchen table as an eating place.  We also invested in a new bookshelf, and opted for the more expensive real-wood version that will hopefully last us a lifetime.

The living room is now a mess.  It looks as if we just moved in.  The wall is painted, and Tim is putting the shelf together while I write.  My parents will be flying out from Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with us this year, so I’m excited to make our home look lovelier and live more like grown-ups.  There’s still lots of work to be done and de-cluttering to be had.  But, we’re nesting and we’re hopeful.

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    wishing you the best….


  2. E’s avatar

    “live more like grown-ups”

    Haha! I totally get it. It seems like everytime we go into someone’s home it looks so put together, while we still don’t have window dressings or pictures on the wall. We need to Start nesting I guess.


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