The Name Race?

A few posts back I declared “this is not a race.” Well, call me crazy–and I’m learning that most women in the midst of trying to conceive are a little bit of the crazy–but one of the reasons I feel a sense of the race mentality is the race for names. I know it’s silly. There are so many names out there that I like, I can surely find another name to suit my unborn. And who’s to say two women in the same circle of friends can’t name their child the same thing? Or two cousins who see each other only once every few years can’t have children with the same name?  I know this anxiety is irrational. And to top off the insanity, it’s not as if Tim and I are even 100% set on names.

Really, the only people I wouldn’t want to have the same name as my child would be his or her first cousins. I wouldn’t want to take a name my sister loves and is planning to use, and I would hope she would be respectful and not take my top names. At the same time, if I have five top names, it’s not as if I’m going to have five children. Since we’re only planning on two kids, at least one of our top three girls names will not be used. And the same for boys. So when I just found out (via Facebook mind you…see previous post) that my cousin is planning to name her son Nolan, why did I get a twinge in my gut? I don’t even think Tim particularly likes the name Nolan.  Sigh…

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