Hipster Baby Names


I’m obsessed with baby names.  To give myself some credit, I have been interested in names since I was a little.  I was probably one of the few nine-year-olds with a baby name book.  My younger sister and I used to study the baby name book, and we used the names we liked when we played house or one of our elaborate make-believe games.  I have a running list of names I like on a piece of paper I’ve kept in the baby name book since high school.  I’m not sure why I did this, it’s not as if I was yearning to be a teen mom.  I’m just a word nerd, and I didn’t want to forget some of the more unusual names I came across.  As I got older, I just hoped that my future partner would find himself attached to some of the same names.

As my dating relationship with my now husband got more serious, we were living together and making plans in our minds and hearts for a future together.  This included children.  Still, without the marriage commitment, talk of children was usually said as a joke.  I would talk about “my kids”–not to imply that my future children would be his future children.  Around the time we decided to move to Philly, I saw the movie Rocky for the first time.  (I know, I know, Tim couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it either.)  We decided that we would name our children Rocky and Apollo and make them fight each other. When we heard weird, or funny names, one of us would say, “let’s name our first-born child that!”

Although Tim and I continue to joke around about the name of our un-born, we are now starting to have serious conversations about names we like.  Tim likes a girl’s name that I think he made up.  I like it too, but I don’t know how we’d spell it so that it wasn’t constantly mispronounced.  We both like a boy’s name that my sister told me years ago she and her husband also liked.  More recently we’ve been considering another boy’s name.  While I like the shortened version of it, I think the full name may be perceived as a bit pretentious. A couple of months ago watching tv Tim said, “What do you think about the name….”  My ears immediately perked.  It’s rare that he brings a new name to the table.

I think we’re still far from agreeing on that perfect name (good thing we have plenty of time), but it’s fun for me to think about it.  It seems like one of the few things I can do pre-baby-making season.  I just love names and for me, it’s a fun topic of conversation.  Unfortunately, I like a lot of the names that are popular right now.  At the same time, I don’t want my child to have the same name as everyone else in their class.

Tim came across this article during his daily blog reading and forwarded it to me.  10 Ways to Avoid Hipster Baby Names

Some of it made me laugh, but I actually like several of the names she mentions.  My dog’s name is on the list.  Does that mean our dog is a hipster?

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