I feel a little funny about starting a mommy blog. I’m not even pregnant yet. Hell, we aren’t even trying to get pregnant yet. But, I’ve been doing some reading over at PopCultureCasualty (baby Hedvig is actually due today) and she has a link for DearBaby, and it inspired me to start writing now. I chose to call the blog, New Life Chapter because it encompasses so many things. I don’t know exactly when we’re going to open baby-making season, and I don’t know how long it will take us to conceive. All I know now is that I think about having a baby all the time, and as Tim and I start to prepare and plan for a family, great changes are in store for us.

Tim would say I have “baby fever.” I guess I would call it that, too. I dream about it. I talk about it. I feel it. It’s more than a biological clock ticking–I don’t necessarily feel as if I’m running out of time–it’s just a biological yearning, a need to reproduce, to nurture, to mother.

I do talk about babies a lot, and I’m obsessed with baby names. Last night, Tim was making dinner and I was on the computer reading back-entries on DearBaby. When I came downstairs, I said, “Guess what I was just reading about?”

“Baaabies,” Tim said in a sing-song voice, half making fun of me, and half making an honest guess.

“Yep. Babies.”

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